If this year’s knitwear has culminated in its popularity, it is surely well known to you. ‘Oversized’ pullovers and ‘statement’ models have taken over the shelves of all major fashion stores, and certainly elegant elegant cashmere vouchers are also noted.

Whether it’s classical, biker-style or brushed leather, the jacket is an ideal companion for warm spring days. Its quality and effectiveness have included the top piece of any fashionistas and women who know they are the backbone of a good style of ‘basic’ pieces. You can wear it with casual jeans or boho dresses, the leather jacket will complement the layered ‘look’ featured by spring combinations.

If you are a fan of black jackets, this season is carried with those with a zipper and silver motorcycle details. ‘Grunge Street’ vision of fashion designers will be achieved with ‘unisex’ rockabilly jackets, and more feminine and innovative look with gentle tones of brown or gray that will match your elegant style. We bring a selection of trendy leather jackets for spring.


In addition to the midi length and floral pattern dresses, autumn and winter, this year again, we return to one of the favorite trends of the pieces that have turned into an unavoidable and adored modern classic in the last few years.

The leather skirt has become a favorite that has captured the fashion world and fashion trendsetters by combining simplicity, versatility and cool looks. The most popular models of the leather skirt and this season are painted black in color as an unmatched class. From mini to midi-length, from subtle matte effect to glossy vinyl finish and brilliant-skinned elegance, the black leather skirt this fall brings a diversity of cuts and silhouettes, among which everyone will find the perfect skirt model for its autumn and winter wardrobe and look. Apart from the variety of models, the leather skirts are adorned with the variety of combinations that they create within each closet.

Behind us is a warm summer, and already the first autumn days brought the beginning of the season of the jacket. Although still sunny, the autumn days brought significantly lower temperatures, making the autumn jacket one of the key pieces of every autumn dress and combination. Far from thick and warm woolen coats, but also far away from favorite T-shirts and airy coats that until recently, combined with jeans, skirts or classic pants, were quite enough for a full look, in the autumn we are back with light jackets in which we will be feel comfortable and comfortable, which will additionally spice up and enrich even the simplest combinations.


In a warm and soft knit leather skirt this autumn and winter will find its perfect fit.

The contrast between the textures of the skin and the knitting fabric will create a modern, comfortable combination in which you will always look great with minimal effort. With a favorite neutral palette in the world of knitting, the fresh shift to this perfect autumn combination brings overized knitwork in gentle pastel colors. Apart from casual daytime combinations, the leather skirt also found its place in the autumn business wardrobe. In midi length and contagious autumn tones, a modern business look leather skirt will create in conjunction with a stunning as the ultimate elegant classics of the autumn and winter season and a feminine shirt as an indispensable piece within each business cabinet.